We provide innovative and solutions for complex systems in the digital arena. We believe in a clear, logical and holistic approach to solve an issue and in thinking about the users.

Plan Piper is an innovative solution that can help anyone achieve disciplined adherence to a health regimen which would translate to better results. So use it for wellness or for your treatment, the app will help you achieve your goals.

MyPHR is a solution to help individuals store their personal health records in an easy to access and share (only with user's permission) with medical care providers.

Manage any community, residential or social. Leverage your community to earn advertising revenue from local businesses.

Many studies have shown that higher degree of parental involvement leads to better educational outcome for the child

Smooth, secure document digitization software that takes the drudgery out of the process by automating it.

Complete revenue cycle management services are provided for american doctors. Customized reporting, mobile app for reports and more .

Wasta means connections. This nifty app allows deeper interactions, with sole intent of leveraging connections to the max.